A naturally Illuminated dugout storage box that you can take where you like

For camping, a one hitter pipe dugout box with a naturally lit storage container is a must . Storage area is a sundial too!

One Hitter Illuminated Dugout Storage Boxes are great for the beach

You can take the Litboxs Illuminated one hit pipe storage dugout is the perfect travel companion. Take it where you want it

Take your gaming to the next level w/ a Litboxs One Hitter Dugout Box

Can't see "How much you got?" Just hold the Litboxs Dugout storage windows to a light source and WALLAH! Illuminated storage!

Oh the festivals and outdoor events you & your Litboxs Pipe Dugout will see

Always portable and always handy the Litboxs One Hitter Pipe Dugout storage windows also add grip to the box. Easy to hold.

Many Litboxs Dugout Styles & colors to choose from w/ more on the way.

Make sure to sign up for the Litboxs 1 Hit Pipe Naturally Lit Dugout Box so you know when the latest designs hit the market

Litboxs Dugouts Storage Boxes are naturally lit w/ sundial capabilities

It was around 11 am when I took this image. You can tell by where the light beams hit the inside of the dugout storage area